Career Details

Adrian Tolson is a Director at Blue Insight, a maritime consultancy focused on the transformative change impacting the marine fuel industry. With over 33 years of experience in the bunker industry Adrian can provide knowledge and insight into the supply and demand side of marine fuel, bunkering infrastructure development and the ever-increasing pressures from new environmental regulation leading to de-carbonisation.Adrian started consulting to the bunker industry by founding 20J20 Marine Energy in 2015 and since then has led numerous supply chain business development projects. 20J20’s work included advising new supply start-ups, helping to raise capital, providing port authorities with marine fuel consultancy, advising the investment community regarding IMO 2020, and delivering solutions driven marine fuel consultancy to fuel buyers.Adrian’s industry experience spans leadership roles with some of the largest marine fuel suppliers, including Chemoil Energy, where he had an integral role in successfully driving the company through to IPO; and as Vice President and General Manager of OW Bunker where he established its North American physical supply operation.

Electoral Statement

Our industry is undergoing transformational change and the challenges will continue to mount in coming years. I will bring to the Board over 33 years of problem-solving bunker experience, enthusiasm and a clear view to our industry’s future and how we will need to change and adapt for de-carbonization.