IBIA’s Future Fuels Working Group- Assessment

Dear fellow IBIA members,

In the last few months, IBIA’s newly-formed Future Fuels Working Group has worked hard and in unison to present its first major project, a comprehensive assessment of the main and mostly discussed -and also debated- alternative fuels, on the road to decarbonisation.

The Working Group’s members have voluntarily assigned themselves to one or more sub-groups, each of which has assumed the task of populating and replying to a detailed questionnaire, which has been compiled through a massive collaboration of all WG members. The questionnaire purports to cover as many angles as practically possible, indicatively: availability and production, regulatory framework, environmental impact, green production levels, bunker infrastructure, pricing, technological developments, operational considerations, and a vast array of further considerations.

We have considered the following fuel options and alternatives:

  •  Efficiency and emission reduction methods (i.e. without using alternative fuels, focusing on technology and various technical and operational energy efficiency measures)
  • Fossil fuels (same as above, focusing on Carbon Capture Systems)
  • LNG
  • Methanol
  • Hydrogen
  • Ammonia
  • Biofuels

CLICK HERE to access the files

The volume of information and sources considered by the WG has been immense, and we have strived to present an impartial, in-depth and holistic current -and projected- picture for each of the alternatives under examination.

Upon the finalisation of our assessment of each category, we will be sharing it with all IBIA members. Naturally, and as always, IBIA and the Future Fuels Working Group in particular, shall remain available for clarifications and replies to any questions posed by our members.

We are excited that IBIA is now acquiring and expressing a voice on one of the most crucial issues of our era. This is -and shall remain for all future projects of the WG- a dynamic process, with updates being regularly shared with our members.

As IBIA represents the world bunker industry and all related shipping stakeholders, its Future Fuels Working Group shall always strive to remain abreast of energy developments and make sure that IBIA members are kept well-informed and shall participate in all relevant discussions.

Constantinos Capetanakis

Chairman of the IBIA Future Fuels Working Group

IBIA Board Member

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