Getting to work on Future Fuels

 IBIA has launched a major new Working Group to help map out our industry’s way toward GHG reductions

It is my pleasure to advise that IBIA’s Board of Directors decided to launch a new Working Group on Future Fuels and that I have been appointed as its Chairman.

Shipping needs to meet the ambitions of the IMO’s greenhouse gas strategy and now is the time for the only truly international bunker association to actively participate in the formulation of an informed opinion on what is already here by way of fuels and other alternatives, what is contemplated, what is at stake and which are the numerous paths going forward.

And all this through the active and indispensable participation of IBIA’s valuable members. There can be no doubt that this topic is multifaceted and immensely important for the future of the bunker industry itself and all its stakeholders.

The Future Fuels Working Group consists of a wide range of shipping industry executives, drawn from IBIA’s high-quality membership basis: bunker suppliers, bunker procurement representatives, technical experts and independent advisors, oil majors, classification society and fuel laboratory representatives, and alternative/future fuels suppliers. We have aimed for and accomplished an encompassing representation to map out in a holistic, practical and reliable way for current and projected projects. We will focus on how the bunker industry can be proactively involved in identifying and evaluating solutions and we shall strive to become the epicenter of how IBIA’s position and active input to the IMO and other international organisations is formulated. We are already working on an all-inclusive map of fuels/options available and/or contemplated for, touching upon crucial issues such as:

  • Regulatory framework
  • Technical feasibility
  • Availability
  • Current and projected production levels and locations
  • Green production levels
  • Port infrastructure
  • Emission levels and fuels’ life-cycle emissions
  • Energy content
  • Current feedstock availability
  • Operational, technical and safety parameters
  • Pricing

The aim is to incentivise dialogue, participate in the paramount discussions already under way both at the IMO and elsewhere, clarify to IBIA members -and beyond- the current legislative framework, the milestones ahead and the transitional hurdles that need to be first identified and then, ultimately, overcome. IBIA’s aim is to provide to the bunker industry the fullest possible picture of how the future of fuels is being shaped. All this through clearly aligned projects and reports, teamwork, respect and appreciation for the opinions expressed.

We shall be regularly publicising the Working Group’s findings on IBIA’s website, IBIA’s official magazine World Bunkering, through IBIA’s regular Members’ Meetings and of course at IBIA’s Conferences and Annual Convention, and the plethora of fora where IBIA participates.

We at IBIA’s Board of Directors are proud to be working hand-in-hand with our members in the promotion of this core issue which shall profoundly affect the international bunker industry and I am personally honored to be steering the group’s discussions and deliberations.

Constantinos Capetanakis

Bunker Director – Starbulk SA

Member of IBIA’s Board of Directors

Chairman of IBIA’s Working Group on Future Fuels

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